PAG-ibig nga naman

The Probinsyana in me went again for a Looking-for-the-building challenge at Makati.

My feet still hurt right now and I know I have to take a bath right after I finish this post. Nasagap ko na ata lahat ng alikabok sa kalsada with my city adventures earlier. I filed a vacation leave so that I could attend to the mandatory seminar PAG-ibig is conducting for housing loan applicants.

No, I am not buying a new house. I just have to apply for a housing loan. ok? =P

I was expecting that I'd be walking around the streets of Makati. I ran.
I was late, a few minutes late encountering all the obstacles a person (who is really in a hurry) can encounter. I got off the jeep at Jollibee near Carmona Exit thinking that since it is near the exit, I'd find a lot of buses going to Ayala. *WRONG*.

Bawal magsakay dito. Anlaki ng tarpaulin. oh men!
I saw a jeepney going to Alabang. I jumped in.
Hinuli ni Manong LTO. tsk. tsk.
Finally got off at Alabang. Medyo naligaw ligaw pa. Naghabol ng Bus sa gitna ng daan.
Lucky me: Hindi air conditioned. Kumusta naman ang buo buo kong buhok na humahampas sa mukha ko.

Ayala, Finally!
1:20 I arrived at The Atrium of Makati. Of course that was after a little Marathon (on my own) along the streets.

I was late, but they still let me in to the seminar room.
Actually, madami din ibang late - Filipinos, Filipinos. (haha. Don't look at me. madami po akong pinagdaanan today)

I actually learned a lot. And now I know why they are requiring this seminar. This is very useful for first time applicants. They get to know all the requirements, the whole process, the payment methods and other stuffs.

After the seminar, this whole process became really clear for me. (Nanay ko kasi, pag nageexplain puro "ano" lang nasasabi). hehehe

Galilee Place Adventures

My friends and I badly needed to unwind. We couldn't wait for the Christmas vacation. And we really really cannot wait for the Summer.

So here goes our sweet escape.

We wanted a different kind of adventure. Manonood sana kami ng ASAP XV live kaya lang bawal na daw pumila. So we needed tickets. Akalain bang fully booked na until next year.. So we thought maybe we can have a nature trip na lang.

On top of the list was La Mesa EcoPark, but since hindi na tuloy ang ASAP and it is a weekend, most of my friends would be going home from Manila to Batangas, so we decided to look for a place there. 

Bluroze farm is our second option. But it's a little bit pricey. 

A lot of internet research led me to Galilee Place in Mataas na Kahoy and I immediately sent a message to the number I saw from their website. 

Lucky me!
The place is available!
Lucky me again!
They currently have other guests but will be leaving very soon. Which means we will be paying for the cheapest room. But we'll be enjoying the whole place, including the swimming pool, on our own.

Medyo kulang na ko sa oras kasi we'll be leaving that same day. Working saturday ko pa man din yun. kaya wla akong ginawa sa office kundi mag-research ng place (sorry boss!)

5:30pm. Uwian na.
By 7:30, nag-meet kami sa SM lipa. Had donut for dinner. 
Since hindi ako prepared sa swimming, we bought clothes at the department store. haha. 

After buying food and drinks, we headed to Galilee.
It was already 9:15pm when we got off at Kanto ng Longos. According to my contact at Galilee i just need to ride a tricycle when I get to Longos. Gabi na. and unlike Manila, or any other cities, ang mataas na kahoy ay isang payak na bayan lamang sa Batangas Eh! It was dark, quiet, and scary (at least for me.) After just a minute, which I felt was an hour, may dumating na na tricycle. 

Babaratin ko pa sana sa singil nyang 50 pesos. Pero nung umaandar na, i realized "over pala sa layo!"
So instead of giving 50, ibinigay na namin yung tatlong bente kay manong driver.

After driving along the dark, scary, winding road, we reached the place. madali sya makita kasi nasa tabi ng daan pero super layo talaga. although semented yung daan, gubat talaga ang paligid.


It was dark but the place was well lighted.

The gate was open.
There was a guard house but no one was there. 
Radio playing a sweet love song... a familiar one (hmmm).

"tao po... tao po..."

No answer.

We walked in. While on the drive way, pa-tingin tingin sa paligid hoping to see someone welcoming us.


~that time, we felt we were on the intro scene of a classic Filipino horror movie. Swear. (i was scared.hehe)~

"tao po..." We finally reached the main house. The door was also open.