Sunset at Calatagan

We only stayed at Playa Calatagan for about two hours. Two Hours Only! Well, that was because we were just having a tour slash ocular inspection for the venue of our summer escapade this 2010. Playa Calatagan is definitely one in the top list. It is an exclusive residential resort still on its development phase. I think. but companies and large groups can rent the pool area. They already have complete facilities: pools, cabanas, bathrooms, bars, dining halls, etc. But there are no residential houses yet. So mostly, it is still surrounded with greenery… I already forgot the names of the people who toured us around the place but I heard from them that the plan is also to have a hotel within the place so more people can stay longer. Currently, there are no rooms at Playa Calatagan which most of the time discourages the people to stay longer. That is also one of the reasons why we didn’t choose the for our Summer outing venue (We chose Pueblo Por La Playa). But I still think the place is worth blogging. I liked the place.
We walked through this wooden bridge from the lobby slash marketing hall to reach the pool area…
The pool was huge… cabanas surround it… 
But it does not end to just being a huge pool. it leads to a river pool…also with cabanas and jacuzzis on its every curve…
After the river pool is the kiddie pool and after it is the bathroom and locker area… That rock-formation-like thing in the middle of the pool is a kiddie slide, you know…

The pool area is very near to the beach which i also liked. The sand is not that white and fine…
But the sunset view is very dramatic…. really…

loving that sunset
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Elbi gala: EPIC FAIL

With nothing to do... I need to plan a "gala".
Summer na wala pa kaming napupuntahan.
*Serious Research*

I thought of a place na medyo malapit lang and all we have to do is stroll around. So we don't need to bring props and costume for it (theater??? i mean, you know.)
At eto na nga, i heard UPLB is a good place para tumambay at magkwentuhan.
Places to visit at UPLB:
1. Freedom Park
2. Botanical Gardens
3. Flatrocks

ganyan ang ineexpect kong makita.

Missin' Tagaytay

February 14
and US!!!

We've always been celebrating our friendship every Valentines Day. Don't get me wrong, we're not loveless or dateless people during Valentines Day (although sometimes, some of us are.hehe). We are just good with time management. haha.

After our graduation, of course we've all been busy with our own lives and there were less gala, less chika, less kita-kita.

2010. We still go out some times (if schedules permit), but that old Valentine Celebration is different and I am missing it. How I wish things are as easy as they were before.

I miss you my friends.

there they are. Feb 2009 celebration.

a little sight seeing. Trying to memorize every single detail of the picnic grove. haha

the view

We are never hungry

stop and pose

merienda/dinner at Dencio's Tagaytay 2009
We'll go back to Tagaytay. Promise. =)