Cheap Weekend Getaway Near Manila

You know, I'm already in my late 20s.
And in my head I know that my Gala Days will soon be over. I have to focus more on my future plans. Spending on vacations is not part of them.

But before I let go of all those days when I could just lay down on the beach or hop on any bus going to anywhere, of course I would like to share some ideas on how other people can also enjoy their weekend getaway without spending too much and going too far.

So here's a list of cheap weekend getaway near Manila:

1. Seven Lakes of San Pablo Laguna

Laguna is well known for hot springs and private resorts. But if you want to enjoy the waters in a different way, I recommend that you visit Laguna' Seven Lakes. Among the seven lakes, my favorite is Pandin Lake. Why? According the locals, communities surrounding each of the lakes have agreed that each of them should have their own service or business to offer. The community in Pandin lake offers a cruise around the Pandin Lake. They also offer Lunch - binalot sa dahon.

Click Here to learn more about Pandin Lake.

2. Tagaytay

Who doesn't enjoy Tagaytay, right? What's best about this place is that it is very near, very cool, and very easy on the budget. I can have php200.00 on my pocket and still enjoy this place. Tagaytay is abundant with Restaurants and Leisure Parks, and for those with the budget, this is the place to be.

Don't have the budget?
Try these:
1. Visit Magallanes Square. You don't have to eat in expensive restaurants to enjoy the view of Taal Volcano. I often visit the place and I don't have to pay a single centavo. The view is relaxing!
2. Visit the churches. Aside from their Bulalo, Tagaytay is also famous for their churches.
3. Walk the streets. I don't know about you, but me, I like walking. And I've walked the streets of Tagaytay countless of times. It's beautiful, It's cool, and it's free!

Yes, the Unibersidad ng Pilipinas in Los Banos. That's what I am talking about. It's not a tourist destination. But it great for cheap barkada get together. If you and your friends are laid back people just want to have time to catch up with each other or you really like posing for some weird shots, go here.

Try bringing some snacks or coffee.

Here's the LINK to our epic fail gala in UPLB. Although we weren't able to visit the places we need to visit back then, we still enjoyed.

4. Dampalit Falls
I bet you don't know this place. I will let the photos convince you to want to know where this place is.

Dampalit falls is also in Los Banos Laguna. It is about 2 km walk from the main road to reach this hidden gem. You have to pay Php20.00 as maintenance fee, I think. You can also rent open cottages, if you plan to stay longer.