Lake Lovin'. Lake Laughin' --- Pandin, Yambo, Sampaloc Lake Escapade

Eto nanaman ang makakating paa namin. biglang nakaisip ng gala. Gumising na lang kami isang araw na may planong pumunta sa san pablo... hehehe

Medyo may katangahan pa ng kaunti (kaunti lang naman)... 
Lesson learned: Ang Jolibee Sto. Tomas ay iba sa Jolibee Turbina.. ok?


Two nights before the trip, I called Aling Sion para sa reservation. It is better to have a reservation kung ayaw mong maghintay ng matagal especially if you're coming on a weekend.

Here are the numbers you need to dial for that reservation ===> 09299789565

the tour costs 180 per person
the food costs 180 per person

clear? =)
For me it is better to bring your own food. para kung medyo choosy ka, no problem. or let them know what you want. They'll cook it for you (for a fee, of course)

how to commute???
(note, this is how i commute.hehehe)
If you are from manila, just ride a bus going to lucena. 
meron ng mga jeepneys going to san pablo kahit nasa sto. tomas ka pa lang so pwede ka na bumaba dun or continue the ride until you feel like going down the bus. hehehe.

(by the way, there are also a lot of GTT van going straight to San Pablo. That might be your best option.)

basta sumakay ka ng jeepney going to san pablo. and as long as you see the San Pablo Cathedral, hindi ka maliligaw. Get off the jeepney once you're near the church. Face the church. Keep right. To your right, you'll see 711. There's no other 711 around the area so you can't really get lost. Grab a drink (WATER..).hehe. May pila ng jeep beside 711 that has a signboard ILOG. Ride that jeepney... and tell the driver VERY CLEARLY that you want to go to lake pandin. The fare is around 12 pesos, if i remember it right. 

ok. When you ride the jeep, Lake pandin will be it's last stop. and the driver might even opt not to go there anymore. worry not. you can walk. hehehe. Malapit lang sya... hindi ka din mawawala since may mga road signs naman. 

You'll know you're there when you see Gov. Ejercito's tarpaulin. 
If it is a weekend, you'll also probably see a number of cars parked near it. 

Call aling sion right away and tell her you've arrived. =)

Going back...
Aling Sion accompanied us going to the lake. It's a short walk compared to the path leading Kabigan Falls (Ilocos Norte).

The Lake is not enchanting or awesome or magical in any way. It is good. And the tour is really really relaxing. But I admit, hindi sya super ganda... Especially dun sa shore where the tour will start. Medyo madami ng basura. at madaming tao. But during the tour, super relaxing talaga. at VIP treatment ang mga lady paddlers dun. Special thanks to Ate Lot2 at Ate Marina...

see. there are signs..

tree-shaped clouds... kiddin'


the shore....

and the people...

under the heat of the sun

refreshing buko juice! hahaha!

ate marina... camera shy pa...

let's start the tour.

on the other side. 

lunch time.

so green...

pre nap ng bruha... pre nap = bago matulog. hehehe

going to Yambo lake

Yambo lake from afar

no tour at Yambo???? why?

It is mandatory to wear life vests. it is...

ate lot2. all smiles.


to the shore in a few minutes... 

Good bye Lake Pandin!
hello Sampaloc Lake!

thanks tripod...
while waiting. and waiting. and waiting.

pancit at Cafe Lago

tunapay.... =)

cooking the moons???


Cafe Lago.

Bye Cafe Lago...

You might want to know how to go around the city and how to get back home...
from Lake pandin, lalakad ulit. sa same na daan na nilakaran going to the lake. It is best if you are accompanied by someone from the lake ( we were accompanied by Mang Tano by the way)... Kala mo alam mo na ang daan pero hindi. nakakaligaw sya. 

Pag narating nyo na ang main road, sakay kayo ng jeepney , signboard SAN PABLO. wala namang iba.... =) Get off at San Pablo proper. You'll know you're there (again) when you see the church... From there, you can ride the tricycle to get to Sampaloc Lake....

Getting Back...Just ride that tricycle again. hehehe

From the town proper, there are jeepneys heading to Sto. Tomas... Ride that jeepney and ask to be dropped off at Sto. Tomas Public Market. There are buses passing on that area going to Buendia, Cubao, etc.

Now, comments.

Pandin, Yambo and Sampaloc lakes. They are simple. Not amazing. not awesome. Not Magical. As i said earlier. But they are not ugly either. I just wish that they stay that way (or even improve when it comes to cleanliness). I don't want to see them full of BASURA, in the future...

Cafe Lago. If i'm gonna rate it 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, the rating is 4. Yes. I was disappointed. Maybe because I heard a lot about the place. Positive feedbacks, praises, etc. 
Ang pansit? pansit tagapo could make better pansit than that.
Ang Tuna sandwich? I could make that one on my own.
Siguro satisfied ako kung mura lang sya. 

That's all folks!

All [steep] roads lead to Majayjay... also.

all (steep) roads lead to Majayjay also

Noon akala ko ang mga daan lang papuntang Tagaytay at Baguio ang matarik.

Nagkamali ako. Pati pala sa Majayjay... Medyo kinabahan ako sa pasikot sikot ng matarik na kalsada dun, in fairness. Pero maganda talaga ang place.

freezing water!

Majayjay Rocks! hahaha!

Model-modelan neng?

the pool...

ang batis ng Dalitiwan...

dahan dahan baka malunod... =)

Masayang experience to! Surely because I was with my family. Even Lola enjoyed the cold water.
Masarap din akyatin, tawirin, tulayin at gapangin ang mga bato around Dalitiwan. You really get different beautiful views of the place.