Not the waves

I was still a student when I reached Marinduque. In other words my parents financed the travel cost. Hehe

We went there for an activity organized by the Office of Student Affairs. And being the “kaladkarins” that we are, our whole group joined. Exciting!

The semester has just started and we were all unprepared. But who cares, we knew this will be a fantastic one. The trip was scheduled on the first weekend of the Semester so I had to go home by the middle of week to get some things and of course, the money.

We traveled during the night so that we’ll arrive early morning.
I won’t post pictures of our night travel (super haggard. hehe)
- the island-
As the sun rises (although we can’t see it since it is very cloudy and I think we were on the western part), islands around us became visible.

It looked as if the islands were giving way and welcoming us

We saw Mama Mary standing on top of a Gazebo like structure

The island

Run for Pasig: I thought I'd give it a try

I was never the sporty type. Really. Really. Really. A lot of my friends know that, for sure. 
But this time is different.

Being a first timer, I wasn't confident that I can finish the run. I am happy I did and it was not really that difficult. I actually enjoyed. Siguro kasi madaming tao sa paligid, all running (happily. hehe). And siguro dahil madami namang mas mabagal tumakbo compared to me, so I felt like I'm a good runner (wahahaha!). And siguro dahil na din sa reason why I am with all these people.

So here goes my 101010 Run for Pasig Experience!

people who would kill or die for the finishers' bands
sun has not yet risen. but thousands of people are already wide awake

me and the globe at MOA
finish line
my band: to die for. hahaha
I am looking forward to joining another run for a cause (whatever the cause might be).