The Resume for your Dream Job

Sending out a resume is not just signifying your desire to fill in a vacant position. It is your first shot at convincing the employer that you are the right person for the job. Companies receive a lot of applications per day and you have to find a way to get noticed in that pile of resumes. It is very important to learn how to write a winning resume to land the job. Follow these tips in writing your resume effectively:

Design your resume for the company. The employer would definitely be happy to see that you made a lot of effort in your job application. Tailoring your application for a specific employer shows that you are serious and you really took time preparing for it. Do not just copy cover letters. Instead, create your own mentioning how you learned about the vacancy, how a great fit you are to it, and why you would like to work for them. It tells the employer how interested you really are.

Design your resume for the job. Do you just create a resume, print it ten times and send all of them to every company you know? Don’t. Read the qualifications and job description of the vacant position you are applying for and check what skills, experience, and character they need for it. This way, you know what information you should highlight in your resume. Provide more details about your past experience which you think is vital to the job. Include a list of relevant trainings you have been to before to support your knowledge and skills. Remember, you have to meet the qualifications in order to get the job.

Eliminate all typographical errors. A typographical error in your resume is a signal to the HR or Recruitment Manager how much you lack precision and attention to details. Companies would not want to hire someone who does not even bother checking his work before sending it out. Read your resume thoroughly before printing or have someone proofread it just to make sure you got everything polished.

Always begin with what the employers want to see. Begin your resume with a Summary of Qualifications instead of an Objective. Indicate your accomplishments and notable experiences.  In doing so, your resume will have better chances of getting noticed by the HR Manager who just scans through each of the hundreds of applications the company receives.

Be precise. Keep your resume short enough to not bore the HR Manager and long enough to put all your pertinent information.  Be precise and straight to the point. Most employers prefer a bulleted format because it is easier for them to read, but write the details in full sentences instead of phrases. This way, the information is clearer and more formal.  


Employers first see you through these papers. And it may also be the last if you do not know the right way on how to make a winning resume. Take your time creating your resume - it is one of the keys in getting your dream job.