Why I became a Human Heart Nature Products Dealer

I'm not the type that would sell products to office mates, neighbors or strangers, even more. But I became a dealer of Human Heart Nature Products. My decision was quick but it was not sudden and it was something that I really thought about.

It all began with this.

I found out I was pregnant. I was 5 weeks pregnant when we found out and the whole family was happy and excited. I searched the internet and asked my sister and some friends: What should I eat so our baby will be healthy? Can I use feminine wash while pregnant? Should I change my soap and shampoo? What make up is safe for my baby?

That's how I learned about Human Heart Nature. They have 100% natural products. So I immediately ordered some products from a friend.

Then, the bleeding started. And to make the story short, we lost our first baby a little less than two months in pregnancy. It was tough. I'd stare at the products I bought from Human Heart Nature thinking, "the reason for using these products is now gone". For some time, it served as a reminder of what I have lost.

Now, these products remind me of a greater purpose. One day, I got bored and decided to learn more about Human Heart Nature. I'd like to believe that an angel led me to it. As I read more about the company, I realize how much I could help. I became a Human Heart Nature Dealer. I became a Social Entrepreneur.

My Love Story with the Philippines began with my First Human Heart Nature Products.

So what is it that made me become a Human Heart Nature Dealer? It was the Noble Advocacy of the company and I wanted to be part of it. HHN is a proud Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment company.

PRO-PHILIPPINES. HHN products are made of ingredients that are locally grown and produced. This helps local manufacturers, farmers and suppliers to have a more stable income. The Philippines is rich in natural resources and these resources play important role in our economic growth.

PRO-POOR. Would farmers ever have a sustainable livelihood by just planting rice? Human Heart Nature partners with Gawad Kalinga and other organizations to teach poor families and farmers to grow high value crops as well. These crops like citronella and sunflower are used by Human Heart Nature for their products.

PRO-ENVIRONMENT. Most HHN Products are 100% Natural. With these, chemicals emitted in the environment are lessened.

Human Heart Nature has taken the firsts steps. We should do our part too. It is a very noble advocacy and to be part of it could be my life's purpose and great achievement. It is not just about the income. It is about spreading awareness that we could do something to help the Philippines, the Filipinos, and the Environment.

Let your LOVE STORY with the Philippines begin. Goodness... It's Human Nature.