Our latest Source of Invitations and Giveaways in Laguna

So now we have our latest source of invitations, gifts, and giveaways for special occasions like weddings,  birthdays, school activities and corporate events.

If you are in Laguna or nearby area, this is a great treat for you.
No need to suffer stuck in the heavy traffic going to Divisoria.

If you are looking for invitations, gifts or corporate giveaways in Laguna, head on to Ada Prints Enterprise. It started as an online store but now, they also have a physical workshop where you can visit and order the items you need. The shop is located at Santa Rosa Laguna.

What do they offer?

Well, a lot.

customized button pins
and more button pins

affordable full color print on pens

ID protectors
ID reel badge holder
and in case you're wondering, yes they also make ID cards

full color print on USB flash drives


with tin can
round key chain USB

gold key chain USB

put your logo, photo, name on it.

they also have key chains

round metallic key chains

rectangular key chains
hard board key chains.
and yes, they also have acrylic key chains.

with lots of designs to choose from



and affordable invitations

Medals which can be customized
and compact mirror


and sweet souvenir for every occasion

They also have business cards

transparent (which is so cool!), standard, and customized

customized mugs

for birthdays, weddings, and corporate events

even pill boxes can be customized.

 Click on this links to visit their WEBPAGE or FB PAGE and see other products I wasn't able to mention here.