For the Love of Baler

Baler is just one of a kind.

I think I fell in love.

There I was standing in the terminal, waiting with one thing in my mind: "relaxation starts NOW."

But from there, the feelings developed little by little... My feelings for Baler. To get to the place, we traversed the steep roads of Sierra Madre Ridges. It was looong, winnnnddiing, tiring, crazy journey... Just like any other love story. There were points were I got scared. I can imagine the bus falling off the cliff and rolling down the mountains. But the view from afar was stunning.. promising. And it made me look forward to everything else that would be coming.

And as I roam around Baler, it felt like a man introducing himself to the woman he adores. Quite a fine man, may I say.

The place was rich in history, natural wonders, and hospitable people. And what I saw, was just an introduction.

I saw the beach. It was a long stretch of beach - serene and rough both at the same time. The waves were strong but the place was peaceful, quiet and simple.


I faced the ocean with fear in my heart. Scared to get hurt. Scared to death.

But just like what we've heard so many times " what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"... Wiser. Bolder. Fiercer. Happier. and many other words ending in ER.

So... I dipped in.

I thought " cool, the Pacific Ocean is hugging me". And the waves literally hugged me nonstop as I fell off the surf board countless of times.

But I kept on trying. Until at last... I did it. I was able to stand on my board. It was a sense of fulfillment. Triumph. Something I have never felt before. 

Then I did it a few more times. And it became a mutual understanding... between me and my board... me and the waves... me and Baler.

And as we all expect, all those happy moments would have to end. I have to go home.

It rained. The skies cried when Baler and I parted.

You are simply breathtaking

Now, reminiscing about the affair, it made me smile. Big time! That same smile I had everytime I read corny text messages from my crush when I was younger. I look at the photos and I look back at the moments when I can say " this is joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction." It was a 'kilig' moment.

Yes, this is love, Baler. I will see you again.